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A Spotlight on Alex Pall’s Music Life

Alex Pall is one of the most successful figures in the world’s music industry. He is a gifted songwriter, pianist, DJ, and vocalist. He is the brainpower behind the award-winning The Chainsmokers, a music brand he co-owns with Drew Taggart.

But, how did the artist manage to create his solid reputation in the global music industry? Following is a comprehensive depiction of his career. The portrayal was derived from his past interview with

Alex Pall’s early days in the music industry

Before joining the music industry, Pall worked in an art gallery based in New York. He served the gallery during the day, and at night he worked as a DJ in different nightclubs operating in New York City. Later on, he quit his job at the gallery and started working as a full-time DJ and marketer.

The Institution of the Chainsmokers

While working as a full-time DJ, Alex Pall’s manager linked him to Drew Taggart, a young DJ based in Maine. The two DJs partnered to start The Chainsmokers, a brand that focused on dance music. Apart from DJing, the two artists agreed to begin producing their music.

An overview of Pall and Taggart’s present-day Chainsmokers

In the early days, Chainsmokers was a small brand that served college students. But, today, Chainsmokers is a famous award-winning brand with millions of fans in the United States, Philippines, and other nations.

Besides the large following, the Chainsmokers have released several hits. Some of their favorite titles are Something Just like This, Roses, This Feeling, Side Effects, and Don’t let me Down. In 2016, the duo DJs teamed up with Halsey to release Closer, the duo’s most celebrated single.

Closer defended the top position in the US’ music chart for over 12 weeks. Moreover, the song was featured in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand’s music charts.

What makes the duo DJs more successful?

Alex says that many upcoming artists fail because they copy the style of the already accomplished artists. However, the case is different for Chainsmokers. They write their lyrics, and most of their songs feature their real life.