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Alexandre Gama’s Colorful Career in the Brazilian Publicity Industry


It is impossible to mention the Brazilian advertisement industry without mentioning Neogama or its founder and CEO Alexandre Gama. Neogama is a leading agency that holds numerous awards for exceptional performance in the industry. Founded in 1999, the firm went on the win the Lion in Cannes Festival the same year. It became the first Brazilian agency to win such an award. In 2003, it again won 2 Golden Lions in the same festival. Even more, it was the fastest growing publicity agency between 1999 and 2002.

Alexandre Gama’ industry Achievements

Alexandre Gama, the CEO and founder of Neogama also has a colorful career dotted with numerous prestigious awards, nominations and leadership positions. In 2006, 250 industry professionals nominated him as one of the seven most influential personalities in the history of Brazil’s advertising sector. In 2007, research by Grupo Consultores ranked him among the best three advertising professionals.

International Accomplishments

Outside Brazil, Alexandre Gama became the first Latin American to be part of the International Film Jury of the British Foundation in 2008. He also served the Jury as a Foreman in 2004 and 2013. Alexandre as well took part in the first and only applied art exhibition in Brazil held at the Brazilian Art Museum in 2014.