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Art Combined With Athletics Builds Artistic Athletic Development

At the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, they are building athletic development in the art students. By combining an active athletic department and offering sports for the student body they are providing a healthier option for the students. Offering sports such as soccer, track and field, golf, basketball, women’s softball, men’s baseball, volleyball, and others, has opened the door to provide an outlet for the student body. Research shows that being active in a competitive sport helps develop good habits.

Ways That Athletics Aid in Art

There are several good reasons to be involved in sports. In high school, we have our first opportunity to see what competitive sports are like. We find our link to success and apply it to something that we can’t pinpoint but know that it’s there. Working toward a successful life after high school puts into the career mode. We start looking for college options, military, or trade school. Forgetting that some of us have an artistic ability to hone in on. Research shows that being involved in sports during college will allow us to focus better on art. Findings show that the ability to process criticism is better in the college student who is active in sports and continues to attend throughout college.

This theory is based on a student’s ability to process and take criticism on how to follow the rules of the sport they are in. College advisors encourage students to try-out for multiple sports activities so that they can have a wide variety of experience in different sport functions. Taking on leadership roles in the sport is also encouraged and builds the creative processing skills of scheduling, teaching, and working with others. This brings on better communication skills by listening to and following directions. Giving teammates instructions that maybe they don’t process as well or have a miscommunication in will also be a benefit from being involved in a sport.

Finally, the sport-oriented art student will be more organized not just in academics but in time management as well. Athletic students appear to be more motivated and goal oriented and stay in school longer.