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Article Title: How Igor Cornelsen Became a Successful Investment Banker

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Making investments has the potential to create wealth for you. But, you can also generate wealth that’s going to sustain your kin for decades. This is defined as passive income, and it’s the goal of many individuals currently. Igor Cornelsen notes that passive income entails a strategic plan that allows people to work less and make more money without the effort. It can also be earned in a variety of ways including investing in real estate, business, bonds, and stocks. This depends on the location of the business professional and the startup. It can also be quite a journey.

Investing via the stock market is a complex strategy mainly when dealing with an economy that’s unstable. Brazil is one such economy. One such investor who has succeeded in investing in the Brazilian economy is Igor Cornelsen. He is prominently known for specializing in the Brazilian industry. For over thirty years, Igor Cornelsen has assisted many individuals in creating wealth by making investments in the country and similar markets. His expertise and skills have been utilized by his peers to help them in creating financial wealth through his direct assistance as well as public statements.

Born in Brazil, in 1974, Igor Cornelsen attended the Parana University, situated in Curitiba. It was the only University that provided engineering courses, at that time. Making admission to the institution was a coveted achievement. After dedicating two years at the school, Igor Cornelsen shifted his focus from engineering to economics because of his passion for statistics. He graduated from the Parana University and got a job at Multibanco, where he served as a CEO. With his extensive skills as well as success in the position, Igor Cornelsen carved out a name for himself in the sector, a move that opened the door to being an investment banker.

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