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Attorney Bruno Fagali Making It Easy To Follow His Footsteps

Being a lawyer is rather a calling than a profession. Why? Because there are some things, you will not learn by digging it from the books or working in the field. Some lawyers have perfected it. Bruno Fagali is among the top respected attorneys in Brazil, with their reputation preceding them.

Bruno Fagali has carved a unique niche within the Brazilian legal systems, which have resulted in enormous opportunities that have accelerated his career growth.

He has had a covetous opportunity to represent the powerful leaders and prominent business figures in Brazil. This demonstrated how much his style of litigation is very different and is recognized by many.

Bruno Fagali is well known as the man of his words. He respects anyone who upholds work ethics which include saying no to corruption and respecting the rights of others including the employees.

Bruno Fagali is working with Nova/SB as its Corporate Integrity Manager. Nova/SB is among the leaders in Brazilian advertising industry. Fagali has helped the company to strategize its activities, mainly campaigns, to reflect ethical practices by avoiding violations such as misinformation through their ads campaigns.

Through the help of Bruno Fagali, Nova/SB also initiated a program that ensured equal treatment of its staff. Others companies followed suit.

After graduating from Pontifical Catholic University (Degree in Law), Bruno Fagali worked in various law firms as an intern. He has served as an attorney in some companies which include, Associados, cail, and Radi. What he learned may have inspired him to join the race of entrepreneurship when he decided to start his firm Fagali Advocates, where he now works as an Independent Lawyer.

Bruno Fagali is now specializing in Ethics law, Administrative law, Regulatory Law, Compliance law, and Urban law. But he is primarily known for his efforts in Public and anti-corruption law. He even has a Master’s Degree in Anti-Corruption and Administrative Law.

The University of Sao Paulo once awarded him a scholarship due to his impactful contribution into bettering the university’s learning environment.

Bruno Fagali has earned his place as an Independent Attorney, and his opinions are most sought after by the locals who regard him as a role model.

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