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Betsy DeVos may be Overlooked but is a Political Tigress Ready to Pounce?

Betsy DeVos made an unmistakable impression on the people of this country when she was unable to answer basic questions about her new position as secretary of education, but those that know her best warn not to underestimate her.


It is easy to take DeVos’ hearing at face value and think that she is not going to do much in her position due to her lack of knowledge, but those who have followed this devout, wealthy Christian’s political career know otherwise. She may lack knowledge, but she is not afraid to learn and throw herself towards a particular goal without letting something stop her. DeVos believes it is her Christian duty to introduce school choice to the country.


The idea is that families, no matter the background, are going to be given the choice to attend a public school, private school, or even a religious school. The problem is she also hates the idea of private schools or religious schools being regulated by the government. Many do not understand this train of thought since she is asking for tax payer money to be made available to alternative schools but does not want the tax payer’s government to make sure the money is being put to good use.


Some people think that she will not pursue this quest on a national level, but public officials in Michigan are saying that DeVos is an unstoppable machine, even if she appears docile. She will move mountains in the department in order to get the concept of school choice into national conversations.


The fire that DeVos can bring to the department has already shown some signs of power. Not too long ago, President Trump wanted to role back a few policies that affect the education department, and she opposed his decision. Many assumed that, since she is a Trump-appointed official, that she would simply go along with the president, but that was not the case. She is a strong-willed person and one that does not easily bow down.


No one is going to be able to predict the kind of changes her tenacity can achieve in this country, but this is a woman with incredible resources. She is not afraid to use her money and beliefs. Most people will probably admit that belief can take a person pretty far, so those who fear her stand on education should not dismiss her.


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