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Business Developer Gregory James Aziz and the Reputation of a Philanthropist

Greg J Aziz is known for his generosity in philanthropy, and he makes sure that his family follows through with the acts of giving that he started. Aziz philosophy is that every success he has had, he didn’t do alone, so that now that he has the wealth, being one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, it is his duty to give back.

Greg’s company, the National Steel Car, hosts an annual food drive for the local communities that also serves as the Christmas party of the company, giving to the less fortunate always brings a good feeling, not just to Greg but also to the employees of the National Steel Car so this annual food drive also serves as a morale booster for them to do more good work for the new year to come. He and his wife also sponsor several charities like the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair and holds other fundraisers to help the community.

If you have never heard of National Steel Car, it is a company that is currently dominating the industry surrounding railroad freight cars, and it has over 100 years of actively working in that sector. Since Gregory James Aziz joined the team as the CEO and President of the corporation, however, the company went to new heights.


Greg James Aziz is able to help as many people as he can because of the success he’s made. His success didn’t just come from luck only, but also through hard work and the skills he acquired through experience. Since Greg joined the family business’ Affiliated Foods, he’s been in a spiraling success as he has, every year that he worked, acquired more and more skills, like administration, finances, strategic planning, and the list goes on. Since he had the opportunity of learning with people from different fields of expertise, as he worked in the banking industry, in a fresh food multinational provider, and now at National Steel Car, Greg Aziz has an expensive reputation to his name. Go Here for related Information.


Greg took up a major in economics at the University of Western Ontario. After this, he had a successful run with his family’s wholesale food business and then he moved to New York and had a career as a very successful investment banker. With the success that he had as an investment banker, he purchased the National Steel Car in 1994 and through his leadership, the company became known as North America’s best railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering business and still holds that title to this day.


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