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The Greatness Behind’s Business Tactics

  Few who are genuinely involved with international trade could possibly go long without hearing the name “” This is due to the simple fact that is heading the world of global commerce by an extremely large margin. They are, in fact, one of the largest-growing companies of the current generation. Besides being one […]

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Improving Japan’s Logistics Sector With The Collaboration Of And Rakuten, Inc

Japan’s Rakuten, Inc was pleased with their collaboration with China’s The two companies are collaborating on integrating drones and autonomous delivery robots into Rakuten’s unmanned delivery solutions in Japan. Rakuten, Inc, is a leading innovation e-commerce company in Japan while is the largest online retailer as well as the largest internet company […]

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The First Government-Approved Drone Flight By has expanded its drone network to reach Asia. The e-commerce giant announced that it had finished its first government-approved flight drone in Indonesia. The Chief Executive Officer for the company said he was ecstatic about the performance of the drone so far. A test flight was done in West Java, Indonesia, on January […]

No image available Steps Up War Against Counterfeit Medicine

  Since its inception in 2004,, one of the largest e-commerce retailers in China has made a name in the development of innovative technological solutions to improve the online retail experience. The company has also helped other retailers to improve their efficiency and quality of services by allowing them direct access to its cutting-edge […]

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Richard Liu Qiangdong Shares His Dream Of Becoming The Top E-Commerce Company

  The good thing about the Internet retail business is that it has unlimited scope. These days, people are buying just about everything online. If you are looking for just about anything, rest assured it can be purchased online, starting from groceries to electronic products and from stationeries to health care products and anything else […]

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The Background And Career Journey Of Richard Liu

  Richard Liu was born in the year 1973 in a province in China called Jiangsu. As a young man, he portrayed some interests in politics which were the main reason he enrolled in the Peoples University of China which has a record of producing some of the best politicians in the country. At the […]