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Clay Hutson, an icon in the live entertainment realm

Clay Hutson is a business owner in the musical field. He specializes in event organizing, theater design, and is a renowned audio engineer. This American businessman resides in Nashville where he works with artists in various musical genres.

Clay Hutson early life and career

Clay Hutson is a veteran in the music industry, and he strives to ensure that musicians acquire aesthetic perfection when performing live. His dedication is unmatched as he works day and night to ensure projects run smoothly. Clay Hutson first derived passion for music while in college pursuing theater design.

During his years as a student, he knew he had to be different to get the right audience. After completion of his college education, he worked for companies in the entertainment industry. With his core passion being live entertainment, Clay Hutson strived to acquire unmatched skill sets to be the best in the business.

Having worked for various companies, he has acquired big titles including project manager and sound engineer. Currently, he is one of the most skilled professionals in business running a private entertainment firm. Recently, he ventured into the rock’n’ roll music genre where he designs, produces, and oversee large musical live tours.

His career has put him in the limelight as he has worked with influential figures such as Guns’n’Roses, Pink, and Kid Rock. Clay Hutson was part of the crew that toured North America, Europe, and Australia with Garbage, a favorite band. Recently, he participated in the “Honda Civic Tour” with OneRepublic in parts of Asia and North America.

Clay Hutson speaks to Ideamnesch

When approached by Ideamnesch, Clay Hutson had a lot to say about his musical career and life. This professional does CAD design in an attempt to experiment on his ideas. Before implementing anything, he tries to envision his preferred lighting, design, and sound on the set to get a feel an ambiance he wants to create.

He loves acrobats and arts and relishes how professionals like Lady Gaga uses them in their performances. Clay Hutson is inspired by books mainly Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff, And its Small Stuff” written by Dr. Richard Carlson. This masterpiece has been instrumental in helping view life differently and productively.