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Clayton Hutson on the Consoles and Shows in his Career

Clayton Hutson built up his career in the music in the live sound production industry through never shying away from responsibilities and opportunities to learn and expand upon his skills. As a live sound engineer, Clayton Hutson primarily focuses on that, but over the years he has adopted many jobs and developed skills in a variety of fields.



According to Clayton Hutson, that is one of the traits that have allowed him to establish his career in the industry. He jumped at the opportunity to learn something new or show his skills. He says that by providing more than his primary profession, he creates a reputation that opens more doors for him and allows him to always have a client to work with.



Clayton Hutson is known to work closely with the DiGiCo company. In fact, the business has been supplying him with several consoles over the years including the rack-mountable system SD11. The system is quite the upgrade from SD 7 and SD8. Clayton Hutson has worked with those two systems in the past and that only excited him even further when the latest SD11 came out on the market.



Using the latest system, Clayton Hutson used the SD11 system on the debut tour with STAIND with the band new frontman Aaron Lewis. The concerts were performed in a variety of places such as casinos with no more than 700 seats and arenas with about 50 000 seats. The shows were a riveting success, and Clayton Hutson was more than thrilled with the way the console had performed on every show without a fault.



In the past, Clayton Hutson used the SD7 console on Maxwell’s tour and SD8 on several one-offs. Clayton Hutson has also taken the SD5 to tour with superstar artist Marilyn Manson. The performance was quite memorable although it was a decade ago. Clayton Hutson still recalls the way the console performed and that allows him to visualize the progress that every next release makes and how it improves usability.



Clayton Hutson puts a lot of effort into improving the sound at every performance. He prefers carrying his own console instead of relying on whatever the local production companies can provide. Clayton Hutson has been entirely thorough over the course of his career not just with the equipment but also with sound design and any other job that he has taken up during the various tours, including driving the truck.¬†Learn more:¬†’s-honda-civic-tour-production.html