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Dick DeVos – to the Kresge foundation and beyond

Dick DeVos, a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based businessman, has a long history of charitable giving. DeVos served as president of Amway and went on to own the NBA team Orlando Magic ( His philanthropic reach includes education and cultural projects along with advocacy programs for underprivileged youth (DeVos Foundation). DeVos served on the board of education and, a pilot himself, founded an aviation academy to help Michigan children reach for the sky ( As a Michigan native, I’ve always appreciated his deep passion for spreading “education…the arts, justice, and leadership” (DeVos Foundation). While he has passed Amway on to new leadership, he remains an icon in Michigan philanthropy.

Recently, DeVos helped the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts beat their fundraising target and contributed $1 million to the building of new walkways, pavilions and rehearsal spaces for the 3 million visitors that frequent the center each year (“Who’s Giving the Kennedy Center Millions” Built in the 1970s, the Kennedy Center is a cultural icon, and DeVos’ donation to the new building project makes his passion for the arts and music of tomorrow crystal clear. DeVos joined the ranks of donors including the United Arab Emirates Embassy, Boeing, and David M. Rubinstein as he contributed to this “testament to shared passion for the arts” (Deborah Rutter, While today the DeVos name is more commonly associated with education and politics, Dick DeVos remains a business and philanthropic giant in the US community. As DeVos continues his legacy of cultural and business improvement, it remains an engaging and exciting opportunity for fellow Michiganders to watch him improve our state, our communities, and our world.


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