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Doe Deere investments in the Beauty Industry

Since at an early age Doe Deere has been passionate and motivated to venture into the beauty industry. She was born in Russia, but her dream was to go to the United States. Even though they were immigrants their family received help from a woman who devoted to sponsoring her mother get a job, her younger sister was enrolled in the university, and Doe Deere got the opportunity to go in a beauty school. Doe Deere believed in herself, and upon graduation, she founded her company Lime Crime that sold beauty products. She was devoted to ensuring that all her products were of high quality and no side effects on the user., with Time she had gained popularity across the United States.

Doe Deere Husband Mark Dumbleton supports her wife in all her businesses; while living in his apartment, Doe Deere decided to sell clothes she used the designs she had made while living in the streets and mixed colors to give people unique products. She was not sure if the business would work out, but with some manufactures investments, she was able to sell products on eBay. She ensured that she was able to balance the clothes and beauty business. Over the years Doe Deere had gained fame across the globe receiving many awards for her determination.

Later Doe Deere ventured into the jewelry making; she launched poppy, Angeloff. The company idea was after Doe Deere re-discovered beautiful family heirlooms and decided to devote herself to ensure that she had enough information to venture into this sector. She spent months studying how the jewelry is made and since she has the passion it was straightforward for her to learn. She decided to give women goods looks all the way from the top to the bottom. Doe Deere was also inspired by her younger sister to venture into this business to make more money.

Doe Deere believes that if any person has a dream or idea, they should passionately go the field and seek information and resources to run the business. Have a plan then take all risks and start the business.