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Eminem Quote’s Charlamagne Tha God On His Latest Album


Charlamagne Tha God is well known for speaking his mind when it comes to rap and the quality of the bars of each rapper. In September 2018, the Eminem album, “Kamizake” was released to much critical acclaim but the rapper obviously felt he had been slighted in some way by “The Breakfast Club” radio show host over the quality of his last album, “Revival.” In response to the supposed feud developing between the two men, Charlamagne Tha God took a few moments to defend himself and stated he was happy he had been recognized by Eminem.

Charlamagne was namechecked on the song, “The Ringer” for his statements about the quality of the album, “Revival.” The MTV host had been one of the strongest critics of Eminem after the release of the album and stated his unhappiness with the quality of the album during a BET Channel cipher, which Eminem seems to remember to the present day. The line in “The Ringer” states, “Charlamagne gonna hate anyway, don’t matter what I say.” The reference being to the BET cipher where “Revival was criticized by the host despite being widely praised in the music press.

Charlamagne Tha God stated his belief that Eminem was unhappy with the quality of “Revival” and released the surprise “Kamikaze” album because of the poor quality of its predecessor. “The Breakfast Club” host and activist referred to “Revival” as wack but stated he does enjoy “Kamikaze” for its higher quality levels. The discussion then turned to the use of a homophobic slur by Eminem towards the rapper Tyler The Creator, a slur Charlamagne believes will offend millions of gay people around the world. See Related Link to learn more.