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End Citizens United Mission Statement For 2018 Midterms

The cornerstone of American democracy is its ability to change in response to public sentiment. This has been made even more evident in recent years as there has been growing concern among the general populace about the influence of mega-donors and political campaign processes. Ever since the supreme court made the decision to recognize corporations as having the same legal rights as individuals in the United States of America, there has been ever growing concern about the possibility of corruption and undue influence from mega-donors in our political system.

One organization, End Citizens United, has stood up against this decision in an effort to cause the American people to take a hard look at the campaign finance policies currently in place in our country. Spearheaded by the executive director and president of the organization Tiffany Muller End Citizens United has managed to create significant momentum since his initial inception in 2015. Founded on the concept of reducing the impact of corporate mega-donors on our politicians the organization has grown to encompass over 3 million members. Perhaps most amazingly of all, all of this growth has been accomplished through the use of grassroots political methodologies. Not only has membership grown but the organization has managed to generate nearly $50 million over the last three years and political contributions.

During the first election cycle that End Citizens United took part in it helped support 15 members gain positions of political power and influence in our country. The politicians of the organization endorsed have all universally taken a stand against corporate donations and special interest groups. As the country begins to near the midterm elections in 2018, it has risen to a place of prominence in the nation’s political ecosystem. As one of the largest grassroots political action committees in the nation, it has significant influence over our nation’s future. Just recently a list of politicians who have been the recipients of corporate mega-donors and special interest groups hasn’t made public. These politicians have been dubbed the big money 20 in reference to the fact that they have been lining their pockets with the donations from mega-donors and corporations. End Citizens United has made it there stated goal to eliminate these members from their positions of power in the United States Congress.

All across the country End Citizens, United has endorsed politicians who have taken a public stand against the undue influences of corporate donations and politics. One such senator Kirsten Gillibrand has made a public announcement stating that she would no longer accept donations from corporate political action committees. In response to this announcement the organization’s president, Tiffany Muller has stated that Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is commendable for her dedication to the New York people. This is just one example in a new trend of politicians were taking a stand against corporate donations.