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From Mark Holyoake, Private Equity Investor


Who hasn’t wanted to get a peek into the life of someone who is a private equity money manager? These titans of industry seem to live an almost mythical life compared to the rest of us. That being said, Mark Holyoake is the owner of a private equity firm and yet remains amazingly accessible to the rest of us. In fact, he recently shared some of his ideas about business.


How Does He Invest?

Holyoake always looks for outstanding opportunities when it comes to investments. He wants to find some of the most undervalued companies and purchase stakes in them.


An example of this was in 2010 when his equity firm Oakvest Holdings purchased the oldest seafood company in Iceland.


It may seem kind of random to invest in an old seafood company from Iceland, but the truth is that the timing was just perfect. Iceland was still recovering from a very rough time following the 2008-2009 recession. The seafood company was a strong and trusted name that had been around since 1932, and it seemed likely that they would do well in the future. Mark Holyoake found great opportunities in that.


Keeping A Flexible Schedule

Mark Holyoake says that he keeps a very flexible schedule at all times. He doesn’t necessarily have a typical day, but he does like to catch up on e-mails around 6am each day in order to capitalize on the quietest time in the day to focus. This was an important insight to those who are considering working towards their own goals.


Looking To The Future

As human beings from around the world continue to live longer, and this means that they are going to consume more food than before. Mark Holyoake has decided to use these fact to inform his investments. He has put a lot of money into real estate that is tied into the food industry. He feels that this is going to pay off nicely for himself and his investors as these aging trends continue to grow. Go Here for related Information.


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