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Greg Aziz Of National Steel Car: Helping The Company With International Expansion

Any successful company in any industry needs to possess the ability to adapt and grow with the changes and modifications to their structure and the market. The engineering industry is no exception to this and sees a lot more changes because of the developmental nature of the work that they do. They have to not only adapt to the innovations and technology that come their way but also the new ideas that are being implemented. The companies in this sector have to be able to stay up to date with the growing needs of the people and their clients and be able to work towards the development of those.



1 National Steel Car is one of those companies in the field of engineering that has been able to stand up in the face of adversity to emerge as a notable name in the industry. Founded in 1912 under the name Imperial Steel Car, the company has a brilliant history which has got it to the position that it currently serves in the industry. The company has been altering and adapting the work that they do and the services that they provide so that they can stay in tune with the needs of the industry and the projects that they take on.



A lot of the reasons why National Steel Car has risen to being one of the more notable names in the industry is because of the leaders that have been working to improve the overall functioning of the company. Gregory J Aziz is also one of the leaders that make that list, because of all of the beneficial innovations and business ideas that he has implemented for the progress of the company. National Steel Car has grown tremendously since the company first came into existence, and Aziz has been able to push the company even further into the future of the industry. See This Page to learn more.



One of the things that Aziz focused more on when he first became the CEO of the company was its international expansion. National Steel Car had been waiting to embark on ventures into new territories, and Aziz knew that this was the perfect time for the company to live out its primary goals. Under his care, National Steel Car embarked on its expansion and was able to provide its services to clients who are in America, and not only to those coming to them from within Canada. Gregory J Aziz was the perfect person to help the company with this international expansion since he had worked in America before he came to National Steel Car.