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Gregory Aziz: A Leader All Should Follow

Greg Aziz started out small with big dreams as most people do. He turned into the chairman and Chief executive officer of National Steel Car, a company now known for its foundation rooted in excellence. National Steel Car has grown from a warehouse employing six hundred people to a large factory employing over 3,000 people. Whereas before they were only known for producing about 3,500 rail cars a year annually, by the year 1999, the company was producing around 12,500 a year instead.

Their statistics only grew from there and they began earning the TTX SECO award on a continuous basis. They are now trusted as being one of the top leading rail freight car company’s in Canada. All of these accomplishments are greatly attributed to Greg Aziz who also thanks his customers, lauding them for his and the company’s success. Greg’s company follows the beliefs that to continue being successful they will always honor past traditions and always keep moving forward.

Greg Aziz started as a small-town boy who lived a normal childhood. He had a good family who taught him the value of hard work and education. Greg grew up and decided after high school, he would attend Ridley College. He learned a lot here about himself and decided he would be most interested in learning about economics. This is what he majored in, transferring to the University of Western Ontario. He took pride in his education, worked hard, graduated with flying colors. After this he decided that his family could use some help. With his background in economics, he joined the family business and with his help, they expanded. They began to be able to distribute food to other countries including Europe and parts of the United States.

It was about a decade after this that Greg was able to find National Steel Car becoming the new president, chairman, and Chief Executive Officer. The company was never the same after receiving Greg’s help and expertise. Today, Gregory James Aziz continues to manage National Steel Car and also takes care of his family that includes a wife and two daughters. He also mentor’s students he believes have the potential to be future entrepreneurs. See This Page for additional information


Greg contributes to charities and supports the Royal Agricultural Fair every year in Canada. He also sponsors the Angelstone Tournament where his daughter is involved with a deep love and passion for horses. Greg Aziz leads the way in every aspect of his life whether it be dealing with business or family affairs.