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How Alex Pall And Drew Taggart Formed The Chainsmokers

They were both young. They were both music lovers and creators. They were both passionate. They were both trying to survive in New York City while making a name for themselves as dj’s. Their persistence and determination to make it big in music aligned them together at the right moment in their lives for them to grow and develop into one of dance music’s biggest duos.

Alex Pall tried having a job at an art gallery. It was short lived due to his passion for music. Music was in his blood and had been a hobby of his since childhood. In New York City, the music lover knew there were so many opportunities around him. But having a dream is one thing and making it come true comes with unforeseen challenges.

Drew Taggart was a native of Maine and traveled to and from between New York City and his home state. He too saw so many opportunities in New York City. So many other djs were getting booked and making a name for themselves. This intrigued the young artist who had grew up having a hobby as a dj. Producing music was his gift. All he needed was the right person to guide him and assistance him with making it big.

There was a manager at that time, who still manages artists today, that came across Alex Pall. He saw a vision. He saw the potential the budding dj had. He was able to introduce the young dj to another dj. He felt as though they would be an asset to each other.

Alex and Drew clicked instantly after meeting. Alex saw how important it was to focus wholeheartedly on becoming a dj. He quit his art gallery job. Drew knew he needed to be completely committed to his craft. He said goodbye to Maine and moved to New York City full time. Together, they began writing and producing music in Alex’s apartment.

Their sacrifices, drive and persistence to see their name in lights cause them to create incredible hits. Today, The Chainsmokers exists because of their talent and dedication.