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Since its inception in 2004,, one of the largest e-commerce retailers in China has made a name in the development of innovative technological solutions to improve the online retail experience. The company has also helped other retailers to improve their efficiency and quality of services by allowing them direct access to its cutting-edge technology online platform. has also been a pioneer of innovative solutions to control the proliferation of substandard and counterfeit products in the market. This year, the online giant announced the launch of the Medicine Open Tracing Solution. The solution, which was announced during the company’s 2018 Big Data Summit in Beijing, is now available on the firm’s Blockchain Open Platform. The main aim of the solution is to supply the clients with reliable data concerning the medicine they purchase. The move comes after severe concerns about the rise of counterfeit medicine in the market.


The tracking solution, according to JD’s management, will cover all the steps involved in the production, transportation, medical application, transportation and sale of all drugs and related products. The technology makes use of the “Internet of Things” and has a user-friendly interface for improved and efficient data collection.


In line with its zero tolerance to counterfeit products, has partnered with major players in the pharmaceutical industry like medical software providers, smart hardware manufacturers, and industry associations to come up with a network of devices connected through the Internet of Things for easy tracing and openness across production and supply. Visit This Page for additional information.


“Currently enjoys a solid background record in transparency throughout its production process and is committed to continuously promote the transparency through the collection of reliable data about the sourcing of medicine and medical products,” said JD’s management during the launch event.


As part of Retail as a Service, launched its “Blockchain Open Platform” in a bid to provide and apply blockchain technologies to a variety of industries. Since the beginning of this year, the company has opened its technology systems to its partners to empower them to compete effectively in their areas of operations. first opened its logistics network and supply chain technologies to China Pacific Insurance Company.


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