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Jeunesse Global helps customers keep going strong with AM PM Essentials

The modern workforce is a highly competitive affair. Today’s workers need to get every possible edge to stay on top of their game. And that is why so many people today are turning to performance-enhancing supplements like caffeine and other stimulants to stay sharp throughout the workday.


Studies have shown that the vast majority of productivity occurs between the hours of nine a.m. and 12 noon. After the lunch break, productivity drops off dramatically, with most workers getting far less done in the four hours that wrap up the typical work day than the three hours that start it. This has proven to be a serious problem for companies across the country. But it also presents a golden opportunity for those who are able to stay productive throughout those last hours of the day.


Another factor to consider is the often extremely narrow differences that can separate candidates for getting promotions. A typical corporate worker may have the opportunity to be promoted as many as 10 to 20 times throughout their career. Being even slightly more productive than coworkers can all but guarantee thao astronomical gains. Many of the top CEOs in the country started at the bottom of their corporations’ hierarchy. Consistently outperforming one’s coworkers can mean the difference between just get those promotions materialize. And while the difference in salary and prestige between a junior- and senior-level branch manager might not be huge, over time these small-step promotions can add up tting by at 50 years old or making millions of dollars per year.


Now, Jeunesse Global, one of the leading health and cosmetics brands in the country, has developed an all-new multivitamin that helps people to stay at peak performance throughout the entire workday. AM PM Essentials is the first multivitamin to address both the need to stay on top of one’s game throughout the day while also helping them to wind down at night, getting a good night’s rest every night of the week.


With AM PM Essentials, it is possible to ensure that the sleep people need to say at their best can be reliably achieved while directly using all-natural stimulants during the day for performance enhancement.,19.htm