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Joel Friant Says A Great Harvest is the Key to The Original Habanero Shaker

Harvesting your habanero peppers is the most crucial step in the growing process because it is when all your hard work through the growing season comes to fruition. Knowing when and how to pick your peppers can mean the difference between a lackluster harvest and one that is ripe, ready to use, and as big as you can possibly expect from the plants and growing space used. Habaneros, in general, are ripe and ready to harvest when the pepper is a bright orange to deep red in color, and this is also when they are at their hottest. Proper harvesting technique is essential to retain the flavor and condition of the plants as well, so ensure that you have sharp cutters and avoid damaging the flesh of the peppers.

Enjoying habanero peppers can be done in many forms, but because of how hot they are one of the most populars ways to enjoy the flavor is in the form of pepper flakes. The Original Habanero Shaker is one of the most popular options out there, because it was one of the first and is guaranteed to be 100% Habanero flakes. This product offers both the heat of the peppers, but also the unique flavor that is behind the peppers which makes it a favorite for anyone that loves a little variety in their food.

Joel Friant brought the product to the market over a decade ago, and after a short absence, the businessman was able to reintroduce it to the market again because of popular demand. Knowing when and how to harvest these peppers is what makes Friant’s product different from everything else that is offered, because quality and a great harvest are key to The Original Habanero Shaker success. Friant reintroducing the product back into the market is a great indicator for the success of the brand as well, proving that it is indeed a product that can sell and will sell with a solid business model.

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