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Jojo Hedaya Creates an Ultimate Email Management Software

Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald teamed up and created an email organization software popularly referred to as The idea of creating the application came from their personal experiences. According to the COO and Co-founder of, Josh Rosenwald, his partner Jojo was not answering his emails since he couldn’t find them. The two created the software to help other people manage their emails.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of, Josh Rosenwald, up to 80 percent of the emails people receive are updates, subscriptions, and newsletters. They noted that none of the major ISP’s provided filtering features to ensure clients only get emails that are important. So, they decided to make a software that would manage people’s emails to ensure they do not miss out on important emails. sorts the emails in your inbox and bundles up subscriptions into one email address which the two developers decided to call “the Rollup.” The clients can scroll through the subscription emails when they want. The application provides a mechanism for unsubscribing from unwanted emails in a single click. In addition, the client can specify the time The Rollup arrive in the inbox. For instance, clients who work throughout the day can set the time to be 6 p.m after work.

Jojo and Josh were brought up in New York. However, they met in Israel where they went to study. The two developers share so much, including their birthdays. Both went to Jewish High Schools and attended College in Israel. In addition, none of them graduated. Jojo Hedaya was the Vice President at Boston College. Jojo has plans of going back to college and graduate.

On his interview with on Bootstrapping tips for small businesses, Jojo Hedaya advised entrepreneurs to employ effective strategies of dealing with customer feedback. According to Jojo, entrepreneurs should value customer feedback and apply effective techniques to address the issues. As much user feedback is important, users may request for something that might end up causing more harm than good. Instead of changing the product every time a client complains, it is better to study user’s behavior and combine it with their feedback to create effective solutions.