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Jojo Hedaya is a 24yr old entrepreneur who values simplifying business models to make them more efficient. It is coupled with his interest in business, led him to be the founder of Unroll. Me. He has a business partner, Josh Rosenwald, with whom he shares the same principles and vision in the business.

His interest in business began when he identified a niche in the email services where junk emails would often distract him from work. He figured it was a problem across all platforms, and hence he began a startup to deal with this nuance. Unroll. Me is thus an organization tool which allows for an individual to set aside junk emails and subscriptions and only view them when the need arises.

The application focuses on ensuring that users enjoy convenience and simplicity when planning for their work schedules. It further allows for multiple unsubscriptions from services that are no longer of service to the end user.

Jojo Hedaya launched the service two years ago, and it has been received well especially in the corporate world. He states that his partner motivates him and helps in idea generation on the ways to better improve the services offered.

He further places focus on skills acquisition which is the future of business rather than having an excellent education. The entrepreneur states that passion is critical in the industry and having clear objectives plays a massive role in the development of business ideas.

He attributes his success to the ability to separate his business from that of competitors which allows for faster growth rates. Planning has further been highlighted in the article as one of the critical steps of any startup to avoid distractions in the business environment. It is clear that he values friendships as he works cohesively with his business co-founder to integrate different perspectives to grow the business.


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In a recent interview, Jojo Hedaya advises other aspiring young entrepreneurs when it comes to running a business. He emphasizes the need to take a risk while still young to leverage on the lessons that are learned over the years.

Being a college dropout, he states that there is no need to follow a path set out for you and it is possible to go into business and be a success. Jojo further says that investing in people, and playing to one’s strengths is imperative in business success.