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Learning how to Succeed in Business with Hussain Sajwani: the DAMAC Owner

In every domestic set up, leadership plays a pivotal role especially in the context of cultural beliefs as well as practices. In America especially, economies, cultures and politics are viewed in the eyes of their respective leaders. Similarly in business, leaders operate on a universal stage that must be approached in a strategic manner. Thus, as illustrated by Hussain Sajwani, business leaders must have their priorities right at all times.


A Look at Hussain Sajwani in DAMAC Properties


Hussain Sajwani is the head leader of DAMAC Properties. The Dubai-based real estate company was established in 2002. Currently, it is his major success story and he has used his entrepreneurial skills to shape his career around real estate industry and DAMAC Properties in general. DAMAC Properties dispenses its services in commercial, leisure as well as property divisions. In the past years, the company has expanded its horizons into Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, the United States of America and North of Africa. Alongside a huge workforce behind its operations, DAMAC Properties has persistently provided high-quality services to its clients thanks to Hussain’s unparalleled skills in service delivery and leadership.


Early Life and Career


Growing up, Sajwani worked alongside his father who owned a shop that sold personal use items for men. At that moment, he garnered vast managerial skills that would later dispense him into the complex industry of entrepreneurship and investment. Sajwani was to inherit the family business. However, he resorted to pursue other interests; a formal education and later a series of businesses.




Sajwani was always ambitious even at that tender age. He worked hard to earn full scholarship in the United States of America where he majored in economics and received an undergraduate degree from the prestigious University of Washington. He was interested in pursuing a career that would allow him to work regular hours. Well, that came to pass when he landed a job opportunity at GASCO working as the contracts manager. After a few months of service, he left to work for an oil company in Abu Dhabi. However, Sajwani’s calling was in business and that is what he pursued eventually. He established a food catering business and served a huge client base in Dubai. By the time he was establishing DAMAC Properties, he had accumulated millions to begin on the right footing.