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Louis Chenevert Breaks Free From Traditional Ways

It is very common for someone to get tired of one way of doing things and seek out different ways to do things. One of the people that have broke away from what was the most traveled road was Louis Chenevert. He has spent a lot of his career working in a factory. He has spent 14 years at the GM Plant. Afterwards, he has decided that he wanted to make a change in his career. It is not that he didn’t respect the type of work that is being done. It is that he has decided that it is time for him to make some changes in his career so that he can move forward.

Louis Chenevert has made the decision to go into aerospace. This is something that he became confident about after doing some research. When he has gotten involved in his career with Pratt & Whitney Canada. While he was working with that company, he has cut the costs of the company significantly. This has caught the attention of some of the superiors of the company who have named him the President of the company. He has brought the company a lot of success with his ideas.

Louis Chenevert is an example of someone who pursues something that he is passionate about and makes it big. However, one thing that he has done differently from most people was that he has found a company to work for. Then he has used his expertise to bring the company to a higher level of success. Most other people that leave their jobs tend to wind up starting a business. However, they are often starting a business while they are still working. They wait until their business is making income comparable to what they are making at work. Louis Chenevert had the confidence to find work with a company that is already established.