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Madison Street Capital: Forging New Business Partners

Madison Street Capital is one of the most popular investments and banking firm which operates on an international level. They have been the first choice for most companies whenever they wanted a third party that would supervise corporate decisions like mergers and acquisitions. They are also providing other services that cater the need of entrepreneurs, like financial crediting and advisory, among others. Recently, the Madison Street Capital became the exclusive financial advisor of Napoleon Machine, a value-added provider for a number of industries. The international investment firm would be assisting Napoleon Machine to arrange its credit facility.



Napoleon Machine was established in 2010, and it obtained an ISO 9001:2008 certification because of its high standards. The company needed a credit facility because they wanted to expand their operations, and Madison Street Capital was their first choice. The international investment firm partnered with the Sterling Commercial Credit to create Napoleon Machine’s credit facility. The chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, along with the senior managing director and the vice president for capital markets, announced the transaction. They ensured that the credit facility that they created would allow for more growth and expansion, and it would give Napoleon Machine the capability to have greater access to capital and everything it needs to leverage its services. It would also accelerate the growth of the company because they would now be able to meet the increasing needs of their customers.



Kevin Febrey, the president of Napoleon Machine, stated that the team behind Madison Street Capital did everything that they can to help them out. He appreciated their effort and claimed that the international investment firm heard him out and saw what they could do regarding his request. He commended the team for being approachable, and ready to help. He also stated that the Madison Street Capital gave him an insight about the current opportunities in the market where he runs his business, and he had an idea how to expand Napoleon Machine further, thanks to the initiative by the Madison Street Capital.



The president of Napoleon Machine is delighted with the services that he received from the Madison Street Capital. He stated that the solutions provided to him would fuel the growth that his firm needs. He also revealed that Napoleon Machine would keep on working with the Madison Street Capital for future transactions, and he is confident that his newfound partnership would help their business succeed. Madison Street Capital welcomed the remarks of their newest business partner, and they are ensuring the president of Napoleon Machine that they will continue to do what they are best at, and he could expect more assistance in the years to come.



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