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Making Sense of The Digital Age

It’s no secret that we live in a massive digital age. Like the industrial revolution we are now experiencing the digital revolution. Technology changes so rapidly it can leave even a somewhat tech savvy person behind in a matter of months.


What about those of us that don’t have that firm of a grasp on the last and greatest trends in technology? Don’t worry, there is help.


Robert Deignan is the Co-Founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services. A company that provides unparalleled technical support to users of every skill level. From companies running multiple software programs to individuals struggling to manage their daily technology needs ATS has you covered.


He has spent a lifetime developing his skills to keep himself up to date as technology rushes forward. Believing that the key to being productive in a digital age is to make technology work for you instead of being controlled by it.


Robert Deignan has made available a vast amount of support through ATS Digital Services including network support, slow and lagging computer issues as well as mobile and tablet repair. He also specializes in Windows and Macintosh support.


When it comes to understanding the changes that have taken place in the industry due to technology and automation Robert Deignan has a solid handle on how to use the products and services to your advantage. He has been referenced for his innovative approach advising people that too much time on your preferred device may have a negative impact on you mentally. How and when to balance your screen time is what is needed to make it work for you.


Deignan states that there are three big things to watch for when monitoring your own screen time and digital usage. Being so connected with multiple devices can cause a general state of distraction that is counterproductive.


Second, technology has been proven to effect memory with respect to the difference between those who use old fashioned memorization versus those who rely on searching information at their fingertips. Those with memorization skills had a greater brain capacity in this area.


Lastly, technology is overtly created to be addictive. Manufacturers work had to ensure you spend the maximum amount of your time on their device.


At the end of the day the best practice is for users to get smart and let technology be a tool and not vice.