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Malcolm CasSelle Feeding his Spirit for Success

Malcolm CasSelle’s best advice is to make sure that your health and spirit is taken care of before business. Malcolm CasSelle is a successful entrepreneur in the gaming world and cryptocurrency. He is the president of WAX World Assets EXchange. Malcolm is also the CIP of OPSKins which helps the gaming industry by offering virtual items for sale to gamers.

Malcolm CasSelle likes to start his day with self-care. He does yoga and meditation along with drinking a power shake to give him great energy for the day. He spends the morning in meetings, prioritizing, time managing, and important business tasks. The afternoons are for creativity and external meetings.

Malcolm Caselle suggests starting businesses where the competition is low. This way you have more control over the business. The green field is his best suggestion of where there is low competition. He said this poses a bigger challenge to get funding, but a greater chance for control over your own company.

Malcolm CasSelle draws inspiration from his relationships. He always makes time for his family and friends. He feels the spirit is important to keep healthy and active. His creativity and ideas often come from his family and friends.

Blockchain Technology 3.0 is his favorite way to build a business right now. He used it to grow PCCW and Groupon China into billion-dollar businesses. He is doing the same with WAX at this moment. The new world of technology excites Malcolm, and he is nowhere near stopping.

With a bachelors and masters in computer science, Malcolm CasSelle has come a long way in the business world. His expertise, intelligence, and dedication to spirit and family keep him grounded. He is a sought-after businessman that can help educate up and coming entrepreneurs get in the game. He also is a great business partner in the blockchain game.