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Matthew Autterson; His Illustrious Career Life And Philanthropy

Many in the business and philanthropic circles know Matthew Autterson. For his professional career part, he has spent not less than 25 years in the financial services industry where he was responsible for leading one of the biggest and most successful chartered financial services institutions in the United States of America. In the year 1980, he graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in Finance. He was also lucky to have attended the Graduate Tax Program at the University of Denver.


He was lucky to get First Trust Corporation which was then a Fiserv’s subsidiary as his first employer soon after graduation. In 1982, he left the company and joined a small but ambitious team whose work was to start a new chartered trust company in Colorado. The same company was a subsidiary of New York based financial services company that was known as Integrated Resources, Inc. In the year 1986, Matthew Autterson became Integrated Resource’s President that was later bought out by Broad Inc. that later changed name to SunAmerica Inc. In the year 1998, SunAmerica was bought out by AIG for $18 billion.


In the year 2001, Resources Trust Company was bought by Fiserv from AIG and before the sale was complete, it was one of the largest FDIC-insured depository services that were chartered by the state. The institution provided custodial and depository services to not less than 200,000 clients that were introduced to it by more than 15,000 independent financial advisors that were independent. At the time, the institution held not less than $20 billion in custodial assets as well as $1 billion in deposits.


Matthew Autterson also sits in different companies as a Board Member. One of them is Falci Adaptive Systems which happens to be a leader in the Colorado business community. It is right to say that the company presents his current philanthropic interests following many years of different leadership positions with different institutions like the Denver Zoo, the Webb-Warring Foundation as well as the Denver Zoological Foundation. Go Here to learn more.


In the past, he has also served as Board of Directors Chairman for the Denver Hospice. When it comes to his philanthropic interests, he is passionately driven by enacting the society in a positive way. Autterson believes that the efforts we all have at this day and age will be at one time play a very big role in bettering the lives of generations to come.