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Mike Baur and The Start-Ups

Mike Baur can be described as a one-of-a-kind businessman. He is one of those rare executives who gave up a lucrative, predictable path in the corporate world to pursue his own dreams. A graduate of Bern University and the University of Rochester, he got his first internship at the world-renowned bank, Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS). He was only 16 at the time and while working there one of his managers explained to him how he could rise in the banking world. The manager went so far as to outline the possible career trajectory it would take if Mike stuck with the plan. However, this was not to be, and ultimately he went to work for several different companies before deciding to strike out on his own.


Never the less, he did not regret working in the banking sector. While working at UBS, he gained valuable knowledge concerning all things finance. In fact, he was talented enough to make it to an advisory position, when he was still in his 20’s! This illustrates his talent for banking, finance and investing. After nearly 15 years at UBS, he went to work for another well-known bank, Clariden Leu, which he worked for approximately 7 years. He left this institution in 2014 and decided to start his own business. And that is when he started the Swiss Start-Up Factory.


Swiss Start-Up Factory can be described as a company that helps tech entrepreneurs get on their feet and get moving. He started it with another Bern University Graduate, Max Meister. Together they have set up a system aimed at helping entrepreneurs in Switzerland who are trying to get into the technology field, by introducing them to all facets of running a successful business. Apart from raising funds for start-ups, the company also focuses on training and mentoring. The way how it works is simple. Once a new startup is taken in they are given rent-free space in Zurich, to set up an office.


Other areas in which Swiss Start-Up Factory will help is in marketing as well as in the networking side of things. The company also focuses on indirect help for the start-ups. For example, They encourage the newly minted businesses to take part in contests such as START Summiteer, which listens to pitches made by startup companies looking for funding.