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Nick Vertucci’s “Seven Figure Decisions” Changing Lives

Nick Vertucci has changed his own life around and is now changing others’ as more and more people read, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed,” an interesting personal account that describes how he and others can, have and will succeed in various aspects of their lives. Although the focus is on succeeding in real estate, on making the right “seven figure decisions” more times than not, the lessons learned from the book can be easily applied to all aspects of life.

During an interview with Author Hour, Nick Vertucci further explained the ideas that he put in his book. One notable example was brought up when he was talking about a 10-year-old soccer player who was struggling after having been performing so well in other sports such as baseball and football. As a result, his emotional state went “in the tank,” he stopped caring during matches and wanted to quit the team and the sport completely.

Nick Vertucci went to talk to the vulnerable child and told him that it was clear that he was afraid that he wasn’t going to be the best on the field. However, he did his best to change the player’s frame of mind, ultimately saying that he needs to simply focus on leaving it all on the field, be the best player that he can be, and he’ll feel better about himself regardless of the results. In other words, as long as he gave everything that he had, he had to be happy with himself as there was nothing else that he could ever ask of himself. The young player then ended up playing a terrific, fearless game his next time out and even scored a goal.

Now Nick Vertucci does add that a strong mental game is not the only thing that leads to success in various aspects of life. You do need to also be realistic and have a plan to follow. One example that he regularly gives is that, no matter how mentally strong he is, he’s not going to be able to join an NBA team because he just does not have the physical ability to reach that level of the sport, so that type of goal needs to be forgotten and moved on from. He adds that the execution of the plan is essential as well as many do complete the other steps towards a successful outcome but fail at the execution stage.

But he is realistic as he also points out that habits are not easy to change. Similar to how it takes a number of reps to get into top physical shape, the mind needs to go through a number of reps to be in top shape itself. To change ingrained habits, reps – more positive and confident ways of looking at things – need to happen. But that significant of a change can and does happen over time to become a person’s core, from which a character and a character’s destiny are created. He adds that sometimes these journeys are complicated, and the exact path to the goal that ends up being taken is often not the one that had been envisioned.

Impressively, enough people have been inspired by his words that 96 percent of those who have rated it on Amazon have given it five stars. Some of the comments include, “Really got me thinking,” “Nick tells it how it is” and “The fire that it brought back to my life is invaluable.”

Nick Vertucci’s difficult childhood has also played a role in how driven he is today. Finances were not a positive aspect of it, and his father died when he was 10. But, once he turned 18 and entered adulthood, he started succeeding in the business world. However, that was followed by challenging periods, which is when he started pulling himself out of some dark emotional states to experience the success that he has as of late. One of his most successful ventures and one that also helps out so many others is his Real Estate Academy, which opened in 2014.

In the real estate business, Nick Vertucci cut his teeth in the early 2000s after his initial business venture, owning a business that sold computer accessories, went south in 2000. During the following years, he changed his financial state from millions in the red to millions in the black. This was done by creating a turnkey system and rehabbing foreclosed properties.

Impressively, he has also experienced significant levels of success in investing of a different type: poker. One of his more successful outings was placing eighth in a field of 251 at the No-Limit Texas Hold’em Championships that took place in in 2004 at the Commerce Casino in Commerce, Calif. As a result of a number of successful short-term investment decisions – his choices on a hand-by-hand basis – he was able to turn the investment of $1,500 that he paid to enter the tournament into a payout of $7,350. He’s also spent time at the tables playing against players such as Mike Matausow, Phil Helmuth and Kenny Tran.

Honing his poker game has allowed him to be successful in the real estate business as well as in other areas of his life. Being able to read others, to determine as best as possible how honest they are, bluffing yourself at times, keeping your emotions under control and being adaptable to changing situations are things that are important in poker, real estate and much of everything else that life challenges us with.