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Paul Herdsman’s Company Is Innovating In Business Process Outsourcing

As businesses grow and start looking to save money on marketing, IT infrastructure, sales management and customer service, outsourcing these business processes to different firms is usually the route they take. Traditionally they’ve had these operations outsourced to distant countries like India and China, but Paul Herdsman of NICE Global has encouraged his clients to bring them back closer to home.


Paul Herdsman is an innovator in business processes outsourcing and has implemented methods for speeding up customer service requests and troubleshooting. He built quite the team of tech savvy employees in Jamaica. The facility operates in Montego Bay and was once visited by the Hon. Anthony Hylton, a former public official. Paul Herdsman has been committed to training young people in the Jamaican workforce and encouraging both public and private investments in the BPO economic sector. Led by Herdsman, NICE Global is a well-respected company in Jamaica, not only how they’ve built and maintained great relationships with US clients through transparency and communication, but also the employee incentives. Employees can earn extra bonuses for their hard work and the company even provides them free lunches, transportation in some cases and other benefits.


Paul Herdsman was born in Jamaica though he currently lives in Florida and has worked for many different companies in their outsourced call centers and office management as a consultant. He had decided to start his own BPO center because he felt unnecessary costs were being spent by companies in faraway countries, and moving his to Jamaica cut major labor costs but still brought in an English speaking workforce. Read This Article for additional information.


Herdsman certainly could tell you that he’s always being productive in brainstorming and bringing new ideas to the company, but he never likes to be overly busy to a point it’s consuming him. Herdsman also says he values his time outside of work that he spends with family and having quiet moments when new ideas come to him.