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Paul Mampilly Provides Average Investors With Superior Investment Advice

     Paul Mampilly is a very successful investor and a former hedge fund manager. He also won the Templeton Foundation’s prestigious investment competition. Plus, over several decades many investors have benefitted from the extraordinary market acumen of Paul Mampilly. But the success he’s enjoyed isn’t based on luck. It is the result of many hours devoted to extensive research by him and his team. This has allowed him to properly manage both multimillion dollar and more modest investment accounts.

Before Paul Mampilly recommends a stock, it must retain its promise for 40 to 70 hours. Recently, he’s recommending his clients invest in precision medicine, electric vehicles and food delivery services. His stock choices are linked to the preferences of the millennials, America’s largest living generation. Mampilly anticipates major changes in the grocery and food industry. The increase in sales of grocers, meal kits, prepared food deliveries and healthy nutrition bear out his investment recommendations.

Millennials understand the importance of proper diet preventing obesity and diabetes. The businesses serving them must adjust to their choices. The companies that do will become stars on the stock market. Mampilly has been able to direct investors to those companies. Paul Mampilly also predicts that unless traditional automotive manufacturers gear up to produce electric vehicles, their stocks will plummet. He calls the transition to electric vehicles the automotive industry’s ‘iPhone moment’. A time when a new innovation transforms an industry.

He sees the convenience of internet sales and mass-marketing of self-driving electric cars as potentially having a far-reaching impact on the automotive industry. Mampilly looks at electric transmissions with three or less parts and needing less upkeep and recommends investors avoid automobile-related stocks. Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited investment service recommends five stocks of precision-medicine-based companies to his subscribers. He sees precision medicine as being on the verge of a major breakthrough.

The investment advice of Paul Mampilly helps average investors earn significant returns. As senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, he uses his 25 years of investment experience to show subscribers how investing in small cap stock, technology and other growth opportunities can lead to remarkable gains.