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Rocketship Education Helps Accelerate Learning for Low-Income Students

The organization, Rocketship, is a non-profit network of public elementary charter schools. The organization formed to serve low-income communities. The organization is on a mission to help eliminate the education gap. The programs are scalable and created in such a way as to encourage student achievement.

The teaching model allows teachers to lead with technology and personalized learning. The program matches students and content in ways that enhance learning. Parents are also deeply involved in the process with each school community. Parents become advocates and can work with their school to create effective programs that will help students bridge the achievement gap.

Rocketship education provides education for K-5 grades. Their target is low-income neighborhoods where children have limited access to excellent schools. Traditional education blends with technology and one-on-one tutoring where needed. These schools are transforming education by empowering teachers, involving parents, and bringing communities together in a more productive way.

Rocketship Education is growing as it attempts to open three new schools each year. Its target growth areas include Nashville, Memphis, Washington DC, and New Orleans. All of the schools serve students in a low-income bracket.

Rocketship Education has learned a lot since its formation. One of its biggest takeaways is that personalized learning begins at home. Its programs base success on the idea that students and families participate in learning together for best results. The school visits each student’s home annually too. This gets the family involved and creates a stronger bond between families and the school.

Rocketship, while it places focus on elementary education, is often asked to build out the system from K-12. However, Rocketship believes that a self-contained K-12 system might undermine their ability to keep parents engaged beyond the classroom. For now, Rocketship hopes to create more parent demand. In the meantime, students are benefiting from Rocketship education in a most positive way.