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Roseanne Bennet Makes A Difference In Family Therapy

Roseanne Bennet is a special kind of therapist – one who brings therapy dogs and doesn’t turn away clients based on their ability to pay. In her more than 10 years of experience as a marriage and family therapist, she has worked with clients in New Jersey to help them recover balance in their family lives. Starting in 2009, she began working at the Center for Assessment and Treatment.


She co-founded the center for Assessment and Treatment and now uses therapy dogs in her work there. Therapy dogs came in to use in 1976 with the introduction from Elaine Smith, who noticed the benefits of a chaplain’s dog in working with clients. Today, Center for Assessment and Treatment has been successfully using Canine-Assisted Therapy for some time. They are slightly different in nature from service dogs, since therapy dogs are used for emotional rather than physical support.


Roseanne Bennett has found the dogs to be especially useful for use with children. Much of the work at the center is focused on clients with mental health issues. The dogs are of great use in calming children with anxiety, behavioral issues, or disorders such as autism. Some of the breeds in use are German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, and Greyhounds.


Roseanne’s work at the center focuses on marriage and family therapy, but the center she co-founded works to serve clients with mental health issues, whatever their ability to pay. Some children, for example, struggle with their ability to read, which can cause family stress. The center might help them choose a treatment path that includes the use of a therapy dog that sits and comforts them while they read. Go To This Page for more information.


In addition to her work, Roseanne is president of the northern chapter of the New Jersey Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.


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