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Securus Juggles the Positive & Negative Aspects of Inmate Communication

Securus Technologies has been doing a lot these last few years to change how inmates communicate. The work is not easy as there are a lot of things to consider, which is probably the reason this organization took a long time to roll out some of the their plans, such as Securus’ Wireless Containment System.


The system was developed with the help of an ex-correctional officer by the name of Robert Johnson. For Johnson, making sure that prisoners do not have access to contraband cell phones is crucial. The ex-officer was at him home when he heard an intruder in his house. There was a struggle where he ended up shot six times in the stomach.


The doctors did not think he was going to make it because of the extent of the damage the bullets had on his body but he did. Yes, the man is still in pain, but this has made him more determined to help Securus figure out a way to stop the use of contraband cellphones in prisons. The reason he is so adamant is because this violent act was not random. It seems that a prisoner called in the hit from a contraband cellphone from inside the jail. Sadly, this is not the only time these types of contract hits have been initiated from contraband cellphones, making this goal an important one.


This is not to say that inmates should not be given the opportunity to communicate with the outside world. Communication, I believe, represents a vital part of an inmate’s rehabilitation process, but one cannot be naive. These prisoners are criminals, so their communication should be monitored to make sure nothing dangerous is being discussed. Very few companies know the power of communication like Securus since they are one of the major inmate communication providers in the United States.


The company showed just how much power communication has not too long ago when dealing with the floods that affected several parts of the state of Louisiana. The company offered free calls to inmates in state prisons. There were severals civilians out there who were worried about their loved ones and just wanted to make sure they were okay. This act showed how committed Securus is to everything communication-related.


The company showed that it has a heart and understands what prisoners are going through. It showed that making sure prisoners are connected to their families is important, but it also demonstrated that it understands the inherent dangers that correctional facilities face.


There are no easy answers here, and I am not sure that regular folks can provide solutions to the some of the issues prison systems face regarding communication, but I feel like we can leave it in the hands of Securus. Sure, some of these changes may take some time, but doing things right does not come easy.