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Sharon Prince And Her Efforts To Make The World A Better Place


She has been involved in various activities in the country and abroad which are aimed at improving the lives of other people. She is an alumnus of the University of Tulsa. Sharon Prince currently works at a private organization called Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation. The firm has been operational for one decade now and focuses on areas such as community welfare, justice, and arts.


Over the years, she has captured the attention of international awards firms through her achievements in different sectors. One of the prestigious awards that she has received is the Architecture Honor Award. Sharon Prince received the “Auburn Seminary’s Lives of Commitment Award” and the “NOMI Network’s Abolitionist Award”.


Sharon Prince has many achievements in her campaigns aimed at ending vices such as human trafficking, child exploitation, and gender-based violence. In 2016, she partnered with an affiliate of the United Nations to hold a conference to discuss ways to end human trafficking. The deliberations of the event were later published and presented to the United Nations Security Council for implementation. In her work, she has worked closely with organizations such as Shazam and J. Walter Thompson. See Related Link for more information.


Ms. Prince believes that forming partnerships with other organizations and government agencies can help Grace Farms in achieving its objectives. In late 2018, she was involved in the signing of a memorandum to help in ending slavery. According to her, the vice was still going on despite efforts by various international bodies to end it many years ago.


Grace Farms refers to contemporary slavery as one of the largest problems that requires global intervention. According to Sharon Prince, there is a need to promote transparency among stakeholders in the supply chain sector. She hoped that the memorandum signed would help in identifying and implementing some practices that would end slavery. Grace Farms will be involved in educating organizations on why they should strive to streamline their supply chains.


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