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Sharon Prince Pioneers An Initiative To End Contemporary Slavery


Sharon Prince is operational as the President of Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation. She led the organization into an agreement with the nation of Georgia and Unchain. The Memorandum of Understanding between the parties aimed at establishing impeccable practices and standards, which would boost the transparency of the supply chain.


Sharon Prince intended to end contemporary slavery through her collaboration with Georgia and Unchain nation. She chose Georgia because her foundation’s mission aligns with Georgia’s goal. Georgia’s goals include developing a sustainable, green and technologically reliable nation within the next decade. The Grace Farms Foundation’s on the other side works towards augmenting comprehensive techniques that fight against human trafficking and violence based on gender.


Sharon Prince believes that the willingness to work together to fight destructive forces is essential for peaceful coexistence. She terms her entry into an understanding with Unchain and Georgia as a privilege. Sharon trusts in Georgia because of her belief that the nation has distinguished itself as a leader and has committed itself to build a multi-pronged ethical enterprise model. Through her foundation’s collaboration with Georgia, she is sure that there will be an accelerated rise in social change.


Not only is Georgia the distinct component but also Unchain. Unchain is a worldwide awareness initiative, which directs its operations towards minimizing contemporary slavery. Unchain’s campaign towards this course was launched earlier this year.


Mrs. Prince is optimistic that her presence in the organization will help Unchain in the definition of outstanding ethical standards at the micro and macro levels. Besides, the collaboration will gather an advisory team that will perform numerous roles including evaluating technologies useful in operating standard methodologies.


The MOU between the enterprises will create a platform for renowned individuals including Bakhtadze and Krishna Patel to interact. This partnership will be the premier joint initiative to bringing the globe’s attention to this critical problem, which often goes unnoticed. Visit This Page for related information.


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