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Sharon Prince: The Founder And President Grace Farms, Created The Farm For Ecosystem Restoration


Grace farms first founded by Sharon Prince is a community center, where people can find solace in the natural serenity. It is an extensive 80-plus hectare of land which inspires thought and communication among people, for it bears all aspects of nature.


Grace farms are one of a kind where Guests are openly welcomed and introduced on the various programs offered at Grace Farms. At all times, the farm is open and free to the members of the public. See This Page for related information.


Sharon Prince


Sharon Prince is a revolutionary leader and a visionary who invented the space where members of the public can find peace. The place has won awards for the contribution it brings in terms of architecture and to the environment. She has helped ended child exploitation, violence against women and human trafficking through her works.


She is also involved with Next Generation Nepal, which is a charitable organization that helps reunite victims of child exploitation with their families.


Seasons at Grace Farms


Sharon Prince is the head of Grace Farms. Grace Farms has won many awards for their contribution to social good, environmental sustainability and architecture which includes “2017 AIA national Architecture Award”, Fast Company’s innovation by design 2016 and also Mies Crown Hall award which she received in a symposium in the Illinois Institute of Technology.


The location of Sharon Prince Grace Farms is incredible as it experiences seasons such as the Summer, winter, and Fall. Summer is a beauty; it gives a chance to a wide range of activities such as the fishing at the Cattail Pond and other many activities that come with the exploration through the vast walking trails.


During summer, the farm sparkles under the sun. During the fall, Grace Farms is considered a top destination. It reveals the beauty of nature in different shades of Gold and orange. It is the best for fall foliage watching. Winter, is excellent for photography. The distribution of the landscape is amazing.


Grace Farms is an excellent habitat for indigenous wildlife. Their topmost goal is to restore the land for ecological appreciation. They restored native meadows to encourage indigenous species of birds. President Grace Farms, Sharon Prince reinforced the goal in 2017 that they are on their way to restore the ecosystem to be healthy and sustainable.