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Steve Ritchie – Helping Papa John’s Management Become More Productive And Efficient

Steve Ritchie is the CEO of Papa John’s and has played a vital role in its growth over the years. He has worked with Papa John’s for twenty-two years, and during this time, he has served at various positions in the company. It has helped him gain a better understanding of the consumer market as well as the pizza business.


Before he started with Papa John’s, he owned a pizzeria himself and worked extremely hard to make it a success. At Papa John’s International he continues to implement new and innovative business and market techniques to help grow the sales as well as improve the company’s market reputation. Managing a pizza franchise business that has over five thousands stores worldwide is not easy, but Steve Ritchie has been able to do it successfully through his business acumen and vision for the company’s future. Go Here for additional information.


Steve Ritchie also understands that Papa John’s is a global brand and has been working on its global development. To ensure that the company follows the standard practices in its business machinery and customer services, Steve Ritchie PapaJohn’s announced in an open letter to all the company’s employee that everyone has to go through training for racial bias. It would help the company’s employees to understand the importance of working in a mixed culture with employees and customers of different backgrounds.


Steve Ritchie has also been trying to integrate new technological advances into the operations of the company, which includes instant ordering through Facebook. Steve Ritchie continues to find new ways to expand the business operations of Papa John’s and also ensure that its customer service is top notch.


It is his effort that has helped Papa John’s to rank on the top of the American Customer Satisfaction Index for over a decade and a half in the past two decades. The company also employs over 120,000 employees globally, and as more and more stores open globally year after year, more employees are recruited with the passing time. Steve Ritchie aims to own over a hundred franchise stores of Papa John’s in the time to come.



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