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The Background And Career Journey Of Richard Liu


Richard Liu was born in the year 1973 in a province in China called Jiangsu. As a young man, he portrayed some interests in politics which were the main reason he enrolled in the Peoples University of China which has a record of producing some of the best politicians in the country. At the university, he majored in Sociology.


Richard was not your typical university student, while others were partying and living it up in campus, he spent almost all of his free time sharpening his programming skills an took up a part-time job as a programmer in order to make ends meet while on campus. After graduating with his Sociology degree, he went ahead and joined the China Europe International Business School where he studied and got his EMBA. At this point, his interest in politics was past tense. Visit This Page to learn more.


Richard Liu’s rise in the Retail Industry


For a while, Richard Liu considered making his programming side gig a full-time career but these dreams were shuttered when the venture went sour and left him in debt. So he took on a job at a pharmaceutical where he dealt with the management of the computer department. Working under an employer was not easy for him. He decided to venture into self-employment and took two years to make all the funds that he needed then resigned from his job in order to start his retail business.


Richard launched his first retail store in which he sold magneto-optical products. a few years into the business he decided to expand and open several stores which ended up leading to the launch of twelve such stores in different parts of China. Running several stores meant that most of their operations were dependent on his staff. During the SARS breakdown in China, his business was crippled by the fact that his staff could not go to work.


So Richard Liu decided to hone his programming skills and start an online retail business which at first sold the products that his stores sold.


This led to the launch of JD.Com which is now one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the globe selling a variety of products.


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