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The Corporate Mogul Louis Chênevert’s Legacy is Still Intact

Louis Chênevert’s large frame–standing at 6’5”–is a clear reflection of what he has achieved. The accomplishments include being a General Manager for 14 years at General Motors. He has also served as the Chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Louis Chênevert was born a French-Canadian and went ahead to pursue a bachelor’s degree in production management.

Chenevert worked for over ten years at General Motors. He would later join United Technologies Corporation’s Pratt & Whitney business unit. For six years, Chenevert worked at Pratt & Whitney Canada. In 1999, he was elected President of the entire division of Pratt & Whitney where he served for seven years. Louis Chenevert was later elected as CEO and president at UTC after his tenure as president of Pratt & Whitney.

Chenevert’s time in office at UTC was marked with numerous achievements as a conglomerate leader. Many corporate CEOs haven’t achieved what Chenevert achieved in only one year in their entire leadership careers. The acquisition of Goodrich was his primary focus during his early years of leadership. Goodrich’s leadership finally agreed to settle for $18.4 Billion acquisition deal after months of negotiations.

Louis Chenevert not only invested in the growth and development of his staff but also spent a lot of resources in the acquisition of the latest technology. From his inauguration as the overall leader at UTC, Chenevert made a personal commitment to use his experience and knowledge to improve the firm. Chenevert had an ideology that investing in the right technology and the right people were the building blocks of turning around a business.

Chenevert had an admirable leadership style at UTC. He could single out the projects with the most significant potential of motivating UTC’s employees and furthering the vision of the firm. Chenevert ensured that UTC made a sizeable portion of its budget to purchase the latest cutting edge technology. According to Chenevert, this would put UTC at a competitive edge in the 21st century’s global economy.

Louis Chenevert also oversaw the tendering of UTC’s Pratt & Whitney as the only supplier of the F-35 fighter jet engine for the US military.