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The Employment Social Network.

Many of us who are up there in age wish to be young again at some point. One thing I do not envy about the youth today is the job market. With so many college graduates looking for employment the job markets are overrun with qualified to over qualified people. In today’s job market you need an edge. Trade Associations have become a go to for young and even seasoned people looking for an edge to gain employment.

Trade Associations allow people to network and communicate about opportunities in their respected field of work. These communities allow people to community all over the world in many different areas. It’s like a social network for employment. One of the harder fields is that of architecture. Robert Ivy has been an advocate for these groups for some time. Robert Ivy is the executive vice president and chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects. Trade Associations gives people in these fields access to institutions like the A.I.A which companies do look at as a symbol of good merit in certain many sectors. Find out more about Robert Ivy at

Robert admits that the Architecture field is small in comparison to other professions but what they lack in number the make up for in strength. Their numbers help advocate and effect some tax legislation. Having an impact due to the credibility of such organizations can help members find jobs as companies trust the reputation of these entities. Robert Ivy’s American Institute of Architects has certain values and merits in which a member is held accountable to uphold. Many organizations like the A.I.A have a code of ethics to follow. There are fees associated with most of the trade associations. Some can run upward of one thousand a year which may be worth the money if it produces a great job.

If you are struggling to find work, a trade association may be a good idea for you to look into. If you are an architect and not familiar with Robert Ivy; try looking up the American Institute of Architects. These steps may help you achieve success.

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