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The Medical Career Life Of Carsten Thiel


Carsten Thiel is the CEO, CCO, and Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical Expert in Global Biotech firms. He studied Chemistry at Phillips University and a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry in the Max Planck Institute. His role is to facilitate growth, manage P&L for businesses operating over $3billion per year and integration of M&A activities in the firm.


Before his current position, Carsten Thiel was the CEO for Abeona Therapeutics, Executive President & Chief Commercial Officer at Alexion Pharmaceuticals as well as the General Manager CEE and Franchise Director of Amgen. Through teamwork, innovation excellence and execution of complex undertakings, Carsten is able to boost the market and sale share of the firms he works for.


After completion of his studies, Carsten Thiel started his career life at Hoffman La-Roche where he was given the role of Communication and Product Manager. Carsten Thiel used knowledge from his education, creative thinking, and interpersonal skills to improve his position in the company.


He was able to use his experience from his biochemistry field to provide the best customer service and bring new products to the market. As a result of his competency, he was given the responsibility to launch the new weight loss product; Xenical. Instead of concentrating on huge promises to customers, Thiel created a channel of communication with potential investors, therefore, improving the reputation and increasing the traction of the product. Refer to This Article for related information.


For the launch of the new product, Carsten Thiel proposed a new way. He believed that for the product to be accepted, they had to educate customers and suppliers prior to the application of the product on the body of the patient. He successfully proved that empathy and compassion are a major contribution of an effective launch of a product and application on the client. Carsten Thiel believes that technology plays a major role in bettering our lives but not taking over our human element.