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The successful efforts of Chainsmokers

The successful Chainsmokers is a DJ duo in America that consists of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The two started working together few years ago, after discovering they had a few things in common.Their hard work, cooperation and commitment to specific goals contributed a lot to their success. Putting more efforts and focusing has made them to be in the position they are today. They are well recognized not only in America but also all over the world. The success they enjoy today did not just come abruptly, but it was through a series of activites that requires one to believe in himself that he can do better today to be that person he desires to be in future.

The Chainsmokers have won several awards in the past years. Andrew Taggart was mentioned as one of the best singer and songwriter for dance-pop by the American society of Composers, Authors, and publishers. In his speech during the session held at Beverly Hills April this year, he mentions the reasons and the people who contributed to his success.

He appreciated his fellow writers of the year, one of them being Steve Mac and also not leaving behind the co-winner Starrah. According to Taggart, winning the most significant and competitive award does not mean that you know everything. However, Andrew empahasizes on honesty in everything you do.

Winning this award took them by surprise, as Taggart used to panic in his writing. In addition to his speech, he highly recognized Emily Warren who helped them in writing some songs such as Don’t Let Me Down that turned out to be a great hit.


Besides winning the award, they are also ranked as best in the top Billboard’s new Dance list because of their incredible talent and the effort they put into their work.