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Tim Ioannides


Doctor Tim Ioannides has been working in the dermatology field for well over fifteen years in which he has served the Treasure Coast for most of that time. Doctor Ioannides started his impressive track to dermatology by going to some of the best schools in the country, which were all in Florida.

His professional life led him to start his own dermatology business, and it was so successful that it went from one location to a chain of five operating locations which has allowed him to increase the number of patients he cares for by an enormous amount. Tim Ioannides recently did an interview on how he has become such a successful entrepreneur and things he does to stay productive and always growing.


He was first asked what trend excites him today

Ioannides said that being able to be part of a field where breakthroughs, advancements, and vaccines are always coming out so that lives can be saved and the healthcare system can change is an exciting thing to be a part of. Tim was part of a time in the healthcare system when a vaccine came out for skin cancer, which may be the biggest breakthrough in dermatology to date. He loves being able to see things like this breakthrough.


What is one habit that makes you a productive entrepreneur

Tim Ioannides refuses to use Electronic Medical Records (EMR) as he finds it takes his focus off of his patients. By avoiding the screen he is able to instill confidence in his patients which makes him more productive for their overall care.


What is a business idea you can give to the readers

The field of medicine, many businesses for that matter, are losing their personal touch. He recommends sending handwritten notes to your clients to maintain relationships. When your client feels important and like they matter, they keep coming back! See Related Link to learn more.


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