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Trabuco: Is It A Siege Weapon Or One Of The First Firearms?

The trabuco is a Spanish word for musket. It is also a moniker for a trebuchet. The early trabuco guns were single shot weapons that needed to be constantly reloaded for continuously fired. Users would put balls or different types of shot into the barrel. Gunpowder was placed into the firing mechanism of the weapon. Once it was reloaded it could then be fired again.

This type of weapon was normally used by mounted troops in battle. It had a similar firing pattern that resembled a shotgun. This weapon was also known as a dragon. It was commonly used by cavalry troops in the past so much that they eventually became known as dragoons. The dragoons were elite military fighting men who could reload their weapon while riding their horses into battle. The design of this weapon allowed soldiers to easily ride on their steeds while firing shots at their enemies.


Once again, the trabuco was not just the name of an early firearm. It is also the name of an ancient war machine known as the trebuchet. This unit was a siege weapon that was used in the past to launch assaults on enemy forces from long distances according to Armies used these weapons to initiate massive sieges against cities and walled fortresses.

The trabuco was simple enough weapon to operate once a team of men could learn how to assemble and operate it on the battlefield. It would normally take between 7 and 12 men to assemble and operate the unit. It took nearly 30 wagons to carry the parts of a trabuco into a battle.

Soldiers who operated them had to be knowledgeable about these war machines. The trabuco was able to throw large sized stones at fortifications and bring them to ruin. Trabuco was one of the most important siege weapons to have ever been created. Remember that the trabuco was both a musket and a machine of war.