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Waiakea Water Bottles

Waiakea Water is a company in the bottled water world. You may think that they are just another company in the billion-dollar industry. However, Waiakea Water has done a few things to set them apart from their competition. The first thing you will notice about this company is that they are very ethical. Their water is very pure and healthy. Before the water is collected, it passes through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock. Along this journey, the water attains a perfect pH balance.



Additionally, it is purified and enriched with minerals. The company does not alter the water at all. It is completely natural and very healthy. Not only is their water very healthy for you, but the water bottles themselves are healthy for the environment. Waiakea Water officially created a bottle that has the ability to degrade 97% faster than traditional water bottles. Traditional bottles take 1,500 years or so to degrade. The new water bottle produced from Waiakea Water only takes about 15 years. They have done a great thing in creating this bottle. Most water bottle companies create a lot of damage to the environment due to the long degrading process of their bottles.


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Waiakea water has done something that could completely rid us of those problems. Additionally, the company has announced that they will be the first to use a bottle that is made entirely from post recycled plastic. Obviously, this company has a high standard of ethics and morals. Founder of the company, Ryan Emmons, has implemented these aspects into his company. The company has even decided to go above and beyond just making their products healthy. They have made a promise that for every liter of water that they sell, they will donate a week’s supply of water to a family in need. Seldom will you come across a water bottle company who so deeply cares about helping others. Rather than doing what most companies do and focusing on making the most money, Waiakea is focusing on making an impact. They are helping the less fortunate as well as the environment.


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