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Why Richard Liu Qiangdong Did Not Want To Be Like His Peers

When Richard Liu Qiangdong graduated from the People’s University of China in Beijing, the common trend was that of people looking for jobs in offices where they could work from morning to evening. He says that his friends were always eager to fly abroad where they could spend time in the office “holding newspapers and sipping tea.” For him, things had to be different because he knew that there were better ways to make money than getting into such employment. That is the reason he did not seek an opportunity to fly abroad or work in the big corporations in Beijing. Read This Article for related information.


Joining business


Because of his resolve, Richard Liu Qiangdong moved back to his home town in Jiangsu, and started looking for business opportunities. During the initial stages, things were not easy. He says that sometimes, he felt like he had made the wrong choice because every business he opened seemed to fail.

However, Qiangdong’s resilience paid off because after taking a few courses in computer, technology because the talk across the world. This is the reason he moved to form his first ecommerce website which he used to sell magneto-optic products, which he called Jingdong Mall.


Moving to the big stages


When Liu Qiangdong moved his business to the online platform, there was an influx in customers. He was now selling across China unlike when he used to sell to a handful of people in his town. In addition to that, he caught the attention of other bigger companies who wanted a chance to sell through his platform.

Richard Liu Qiangdong came up with a way of listing their products on the website and therefore, it grew fast to become the biggest retail business in the entire country. There has been no looking back for the investor.

Looking back to the days when he graduated and when everyone wanted to fly aboard for better jobs, Richard Liu knows that he made the right decision. His company would not be the biggest in China if he had spent decades working abroad or in Beijing. In addition to that, it is the massive experiences that he gained when establishing the businesses that made him succeed.


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